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Web Analytics and Performance

Web Analytics is the study of the impact your website has on the users who visit. It is a concise way to evaluate our efforts. It can also be a very powerful business tool for you, delivering information vital to your growth. 

Here at Southern Crescent, we regularly use analytical tools such as Google and Bing Analytics to observe traffic flow through your website as well as our own. Utilizing said services in addition to other modes of analyzing web usage, we will help your business understand where web traffic is coming from in order to properly address the strong and weak points in managed marketing efforts. Analytics also provides information describing what your potential leads are doing on your site and what pages are visited the most. We will show you why or why not your visitors converted, so that you can optimize your marketing plan. Analytics gives you insight into every last detail about how your customers are interacting with you. Let us help you make the most of it.

Features Include:

  • Advertising Analytics Use Google Analytics to see how your social, mobile and search ads are doing so that you can make changes as needed.
  • Conversion Analytics Find out how many customers you're attracting as opposed to how much you're selling. You can then make educated decisions based off what potential clients are doing on your site.
  • Mobile Analytics Make the most of mobile by measuring the impact on your business.
  • Social Analytics Social media is essential to modern businesses, so analyze the success of your business in various media outlets.

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