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5 Tips for Creating a Viral Video for Business Marketing...

Reflect Your Brand

When creating a viral video for your business, you want to give it an accurate reflection of the feel of your company. People need to be able to immediately recognize what your business stands for from the video. Your video should include visuals such as logos and color schemes that align it with your company’s brand.

Give Your Video Content

Your video needs something that will draw people to it. This can be comedy, something that appeals to the emotions of the audience, or anything else that works with the video. People will not want to watch a mere advertisement or promotional video, therefore they need to be given a reason to search for and enjoy the video.

Give the Video Structure

An effective video needs some sort of structure, whether it is simple or more complex. One formula that is credited with being very effective is as follows: First, present a problem. Second, make an elaboration or exaggeration of the problem. Third, present the solution your business if offering to the problem.

Consider the Length

You do not want your video to get too long. If you do there is the possibility that you will bore the audience. However, you want to allow your video to have enough time to get your company’s message and brand across. I recommend anywhere from fifteen seconds to a whole minute. It is usually better to be short and sweet than to be extensive but boring.

Be Unique

In order to interest and engage your audience it is important to present them with something they have not already seen before. Your audience does not want to watch the same thing over again with different brands. Because many companies’ promotional videos are similar, you want to do something with your video to set it apart from the others already out there.

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