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Blogging for Business...

Okay. The cat is out of the bag. It’s now a no brainer that Social Media Marketing can help grow your business exponentially, especially when using the right platforms.

Yes, it can bring you amazing revenue; Yes, it can be used for almost any product, service, or business – and yes, it can be almost as time consuming as starting a new website! Now, you’re probably wondering, there has to be a sweet medium, something that can be marketed, something that is just as effective as Social Media Marketing, and is relatively easy to do.

Well, here’s your answer…

Blogging is the most fluid aspect of internet capital and the most fluid when coming to marketing your business online. Business blogging has become a crucial part in business and a critical part when coming to having an image online. Blogging has grown by 67% in the past year and more than 40% of companies are blogging today along with their website.

Unfortunately, blogging alone won’t solely bring you insane amounts of traffic, it has to be well optimized and promoted. This is the only disadvantage – however – if you are familiar with SEO or any type of Online Business Marketing, this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are thinking about adding a business blog to your online business and image, here’s some facts and tips to keep you in the blogosphere:

  1. Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors.
  2. 71% of consumers say blogs affect their purchasing decisions.
  3. Blogs create online capital, or real-estate, a place where you can place call to actions to generate leads.

Tip: Blogs that are well optimized and promoted are going to generate business website traffic, but blogs that are rich in content and provide a service or needed information will generate enormous traffic.

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