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Foursquare for Business...

Foursquare is a social media application that allows you to “check in” at various businesses, such as restaurants and stores.This allows your friends to see where you have been, where you frequently go, and what businesses you like. Use this application for your business because it gets people talking and spreads word of your establishment. Because the application allows you to create a location for your business, others are able to see where your business is located and they can then “check in” to your business on the app when they visit. You are able to engage with people who have previously checked in to your business by allowing you to send out local updates. These updates notify people of any events or news associated with your business. Since you are able to add friends on the application, they are able to see when you are at your business and what you are doing throughout the day. By staying active and checking into places, your audience can see what you are up to. This gives your business a human element that supports interaction between you and your audience.

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