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Instagram for Business...

Instagram is an easy, effective, and free tool available you can use to promote your business. The application focuses on pictures. While it is an informal social networking app, there are several great reasons to use it for your business. For one, pictures posted on Instagram have the potential to reach a giant audience. There are millions of Instagram users out there; you just have to start getting followers! The fact that the application is for pictures only provides an opportunity that allows the audience to relate to your company’s brand more easily. People are able to emotionally connect with photographs better than they are able to with plain text. In general, pictures are more engaging to their viewers and are viewed as more interesting.

Tips for Use 

Have a plan behind the pictures you post. You want the content of your pictures to say positive things about your company’s brand as well as engage the audience and get them talking.

Post high quality pictures that are also entertaining. A good Instagram account is one that the audience awaits its next posts in anticipation. You want to give people a reason to follow you.

Use hashtags. You should use hashtags that are specific to your company and your brand. Use these hashtags on all of the photos you post. This will make you and your posts easy to find.

Be consistent. Once you begin posting, you should post regularly. This will help keep your audience engaged and interested while reminding them consistently of your business.

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