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Market Your Business to the 30-40 Year Old Demographic...

Marketing to 30-40 year olds usually comes in 3 mediums: television, internet, and print. Likewise, businesses utilize several tools in advertising to this demographic.

According to most surveys, the average adult watches between 2.5 and 3 hours of TV a day. This isn’t the same programming a child, teen or senior watches. Ads during shows like 20/20, Dateline, and Monday Night Football are more likely to yield sales among this demographic. Oftentimes, TV ads use athletes or celebrities to sell. For men especially, once-great athletes or old musicians work well because it reminds this once-young audience of days of the past. This technique gives the viewer a  nostalgic feeling.

Eighty-one percent of adults use the internet, according to a 2012 survey. Thirty-nine percent of adults have a smart phone as well. Obviously, the internet provides a relatively useful channel in advertising to adults. Using the internet is partly a result of this age range wanting to feel young and with the times. The average middle aged person today isn’t afraid to try new things, and companies use this to their advantage by making their product seem like the next big thing. If an adult thinks the product is new and “hip”, he/she is more inclined to consider purchasing it.

Print advertising is more effective with 30-40 year olds than with any demographic younger than them. This is a result of their being raised without the internet and social media and a thousand-and-one television channels. More of this demographic reads magazines and newspapers, and they are more competent when it comes to language. Companies are able to utilize more complex literary devices in their print ads, like metaphor and hyperbole. While adults are less likely to tape a photo of Derek Jeter with a milk mustache or Kate Upton bending over the hood of a Camaro to their bedroom wall, they are more likely to respond to print ads.



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