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Market Your Business to Senior Citizens - Consider These Techniques...

As of right now, the senior citizen demographic is one of the most important demographics that businesses should be marketing to. This is because the generation of senior citizens right now is the biggest group of them yet. Although the world has turned to new technology for a large portion of its business practices, which the elderly are traditionally not well versed in, there are still some good and reliable techniques and mediums available for use when marketing to senior citizens.

Perhaps one of the most useful techniques when marketing to seniors is installing advertisements that inspire them to reminisce. Whether the advertisement is on television or on print, you can allude to the “old days” with happy pictures or text. You do not, however, want to come across as too cheesy or exaggerated, as this can make your advertisement seem as a mockery or fake. As well as adding reminiscent qualities to your advertisements, humor is also an effective tool. Most seniors enjoy a good laugh. Be aware that if the humor you install is to bawdy or crude seniors may have a negative response, as they are often somewhat socially conservative.

If the advertisement airs on the television or radio, you should take into consideration the dialogue. Try avoiding technical or industrial terms that may be unknown or confusing to you senior audience. Also, have the narrator speak clearly at a relaxed pace with good diction. If your advertisement is in a magazine, newspaper, or just has text, make sure that the text is not too small and is bold. Location specific advertisements often provoke response by seniors who do not want to travel long distances.

The mediums that are most helpful when advertizing to senior citizens are the ones that are reliable and not too technologically advanced. Such mediums are newspapers, magazines, and television. When you choose a magazine for your senior directed advertisement, make sure the magazine itself is something that a senior may find interesting. Do not place your advertisements in magazines that are centered around things such as fitness and celebrities. Instead place your advertisements in strategic places such as home and garden magazines, cooking magazines, and travel magazines. In addition, use a strategy when choosing the programming you are going to place your TV advertisements around. Do not place your advertisements on channels like MTV and Comedy Central when you can place them on channels that feature gardening, cooking, and travel.

Advertising to the senior citizen demographic is very beneficial. With the proper skills and mediums, you can be very successful in your advertising endeavors. Because of the size of the senior population, senior citizen marketing should be a priority.

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