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SEO is More Than Keywords...

Some choose to tackle this crucial part of a website on there own. Others choose to hire a company specifically for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and many just simply choose to ignore it.

Why is it so important? Isn’t just all about picking a couple keywords, tagging, and categorizing your content. Well – Yes, that is roughly thirty percent of it. But what web enthusiasts and sole ventures don’t seem to understand is that there is so much more that needs to be handled by a professional or someone with precise knowledge on the subject. Well now you’re probably asking yourself, “Did I Optimize my site well enough to rank on the search engines?” “What is SEO?” “And what do I need to do?”

Search Engine Optimization is so much more then just keywords, it’s the most important part of receiving traffic. Without traffic, there would be no business. Here’s a few credentials that entail to SEO that you may not have known about:

Tagging and Categorizing – Organizing your content into categories can be very beneficial when search engines are crawling your site. They can sweep through content easier and it shows you mean the real deal. Meta Tags and tagging are important as well because it is the only legal way to have hidden keywords on your website.

On-Page SEO – Many times is overlooked but is also important towards properly optimizing your website. Using keywords in your content can be crucial when your site is being indexed.

In-Bound Links or Backlinks – Backlinks are links to other sites. When comments are left on credible sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, or Delicious, search engines will rank you because of site credibility.

Authority - Search engines rank websites according to their authority and relevance to the search terms as well as their authority on the web. On-page optimization creates relevance, while building inbound links generates authority.

Permalinks – Changing your permalinks on your website or blog to a keyword can increase your ranking by 21%. Depending on your niche or business, your site or blog could be found by just that link in the URL.

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