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Tips for Using Google Analytics...

Know Your Goals
Having your goals in mind before you go through Analytics will prove to be a much more effective use of the website. If you don’t know what you are looking for or want your data is basically useless numbers. By knowing what you want to achieve you can compare your present statistics with your ideal statistics and make necessary changes from there.

Create a Dashboard
By creating a dashboard you are allowing yourself to view only the data that you feel is important to the improving of your business. It can be somewhat overwhelming to be bombarded with so many figures when you only are really searching for certain statistics. This will prove to make much better usage of your time on the website.

Track Views of Your Videos
Video marketing is a large part of many businesses. With Google Analytics you can inert a tracking code on your website that will enable you to see how many views you are getting, and what demographic is watching your videos. By knowing this you can cater your videos more directly to your audience which will interest them more.

Discover Keywords
Keywords are one of the most important factors that go in to people finding your website. With the data presented you will be able to see what brand specific and non-brand specific terms are being used by the search engine to find your website. This way you will know what keywords to use in order to increase traffic and help your SEO.

Keep Track of Social Media
When you set up Google Analytics to track all of your social media sites you will be able to more easily decipher which sites generate what amount of traffic to your central site. You can set Analytics up with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Use Internal Site Search
Internal site search is a tool that allows you to see what keywords users are entering into your websites search box. You can then see what people look for when coming to your website. Analytics will also show you how long people have stayed on your website and the number of pages they have browsed.

Track Movement across Domains
It is helpful to see the manner in which people move across your domains because it allows you to see the flow of traffic. You most likely have more than one website, whether they are blogs, business sites, or Ecommerce sites. By tracking movement, you will be able to see what site a people generally start at, and where they go next.

Track Site Use from Mobile Devices
In today’s world you can access information almost immediately. Usually this is possible because of the wide range of mobile devices available. Google Analytics is able to show you what percent of traffic on your website comes from mobile devices. It is important to know this because it may be necessary to make your website more mobile friendly.

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