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Twitter Tips for Business...

  1. Make sure that your twitter account is reflective of your brand. You want the feel of your business to carry over to your twitter account. You should create a username related to your brand and use your logo as the profile picture of the account.
  2. Be personal in your messages. While you do want to spread the word about your services or products, you should include some  personalized messages so that the reader does not become bored. You want to be interactive so that the reader feels connected.
  3. Be attentive when others are talking about your business. You don’t want to take for granted people who help you spread the word about your business. Do things like thanking them for the tweet. Twitter is a great tool to use for building and starting relationships.
  4. Form your tweets carefully. You want your tweets to be an accurate reflection of your brand. They should engage your readers while making them feel compelled to retweet or visit your account more often. A way to achieve this is to include links to useful content pertaining to your business.
  5. Include links to your blog. By tweeting links to your blog you are able to utilize twitter as not only a conversation tool, but also as means of directing traffic to your content. This is a useful way to get people reading and interested in your content.
  6. Sync your twitter account with your LinkedIn account. By connecting your LinkedIn account to your twitter you are able to give your twitter account a much more business feel. You will be able to share information with both accounts simultaneously and keep in touch with your LinkedIn connections through twitter.
  7. Be mindful of the hashtags you use. Hashtags can be useful when twitter users are searching for tweets but keep in mind that you have no control over the use of the hashtags you create. It’s possible that your hashtags could be used in ways you didn’t originally intend. Make sure that they reflect your brand appropriately.
  8. Be consistent. You want to be fairly consistent in the timing of your tweets. I recommend that you tweet at least once a day or five times a week. Be sure that your tweets have substantial content and are interesting. You want to appear on your followers’ feeds often enough so that they remember you.
  9. Don’t spam. There is a large difference from being consistent and spamming. Spamming is when you post so often that you fill up your followers’ feeds. If you overload your followers with spam, they will no longer look forward to your posts and therefore will lose interest.
  10. Be nice. Thank your new followers and recognize your supporters. In this same fashion, don’t be offensive. Try not to state opinions on sensitive topics, voice political views, or talk badly about your competitors. Use a tone that reflects your company’s brand and not your personal opinions.

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