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Websites Three Years or Older Not Mobile Friendly...

It's never become more important than now for businesses to have a mobile friendly website.

  • Today 90% of media is presented on a screen, whether that screen is attached to a television, desktop, or mobile device. Having a website that smoothly transitions into different formats is essential.
  • In order to succeed in today’s marketing scene, one has to be able to constantly adapt. The rapid increase and continued use of mobile devices calls for ambitious businesses to adapt to this i.e. make a functional mobile website.
  • 89 million consumers use the mobile web, and that number is only rising as the number of smartphone users increases.
  • A mobile website enhances the experience a potential buyer has when viewing your business by making it more adapted and formatted for the small screen which is becoming more and more used. A regular website is cumbersome and hard to use on a mobile device.
  • Nowadays the satisfaction of a consumer is based on instant gratification, which is not achieved when a potential client has to search through a clunky, oversized website to find what he is looking for. He would just as soon back out and go to an easy mobile-adapted website your competitor is utilizing.
  • 95% of smartphone users use their phones to search for local businesses, so being turned down due to not having a mobile website is a wasted opportunity.
  • It is expected that the mobile web browsing will surpass that of a desktop or laptop in amount by 2015.
  • Only 12% of companies with fewer than 100 employees have mobile websites, while almost half of companies with more than 100 employees have one.

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