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Why Yelp is Important for Your Business...

Don’t just think that Yelp is a place for wannabe food critics: Use Yelp to increase web traffic and pull in sales.

There are Tons of Users

Yelp is growing by 80% a year, and page views and time spent on the site are up by 150% as well. Yelp is second only to Google in local search. In August of 2009, 25 million people visited the site. Without even considering traffic growth in the 4 years since that statistic, that is 25 million people. Looking for you.

Word-of-Mouth Gone Viral

Small businesses are made and always have been made popular by word-of-mouth. Yelp allows people in your community to spread their positive perspective on your business with a slew of people, not just their family and friends. Yelp is word-of-mouth gone viral. In other words, Yelp gives your business a louder voice.

Manage Traffic

Yelp is the place to go for reviews, instead of sifting through tons of website listings, users can go straight to Yelp to find reviews for your business. Also, using Yelp can increase the number of clicks back to your website. Using Yelp’s dashboard, you can see the number of visits your Yelp listing gets.

Local Citations

Local citations are another important way to increase traffic too. Local citations happen anytime that your business is mentioned in another place on the web, link or not. You want to give a search engine the most information about you possible, and because so many indexes use Yelp to pull information, creating a complete profile is a great way to increase citations.

Interact Yelp allows you to interact with potential customers, so you can reel them into your business. You can advertise specials, coupons, etc. on Yelp to entice potential targets into becoming concrete customers.

Advantages with Apple

With Siri now doing the searching for Iphone users rather than they themselves going to Google or Yahoo, the search engine of choice for Siri must be important, right? Siri uses Yelp to find its information, so if your business is popular on Yelp; your business is popular with Iphone users. Also, Ios6 uses Yelp in its map locations, and that is just another reason why Yelp is very useful in getting found.

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